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Should you remove the folder com.facebook.orca?

The question if you need to delete or remove the folder com.facebook.orca from your android device? This is a matter of debate as well as a controversial issue, somebody says it is needed and some say it should remain there. Here, we will tell you, whey you may need to remove or delete the folder from your Android device. You may remove the folder but this is not the exact solution because it would regenerate the file or folder automatically on your storage, and at the same time you would notice the error or flaw message over and over again. This folder is a must-need one in the time you run messenger application on your android device.


Another advantage of having com.facebook.orca folder on your android device is – whether you remove some conversation.image.file from your Facebook account by mistake or unknowingly, you do not have to worry at all, your com.facebook.orca folder will retrieve all the data or information you want instantly. When you access the folder as mentioned above, you would see a folder named “CACHE” in it. You can now browse the cache folder in it and you would see a folder another named “Fb..temp”. This is nothing but a temp file that would help you retrieve the data or information you unknowingly deleted or removed.

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